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As strong believers in making visionary ideas a reality & designing spaces that once could easily call their dream homes, K Raheja Realty has come a long way backed by its 66 profound years of experience. A numero uno of India’s real estate headquartered in Mumbai has created defining landmarks and set unparalleled standards with over  20 million square feet of development changing the face of India’s real estate industry. 

Every development at K Raheja Realty is a canvas of transformation, innovation & sustainability that puts it in the lead of the world’s finest spaces. With each project nestled in locations that bring you closer to each aspect of the city’s diverse nature the group has completed a colossal 2,000 thriving projects.

Surrounded by amenities & comforts that elevate luxurious living and working environments that bring you closer to your ambitions and conquests, we’ve held an impregnable span over both domestic and international markets that are inclusive of individuals, multinational business houses, professional bodies, and government agencies.

The experience & skills that K Raheja Realty homes are a specimen of both quality & scalability. Whether it is bringing the best people together to create the finest spaces across the globe or creating the best value for our customers across the market or consumer segments, you’ll know you are in on a wholesome venture!

Sandeep-Raheja About K Raheja Realty - Top Real Estate Developers - Builders in Mumbai, Pune - India

Sandeep Raheja

Sandeep Raheja the spearhead and founder of K Raheja Realty, has been triumphantly leading the legacy for over 25 years. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Architecture from The Academy of Architecture, Mumbai. Mr. Raheja has demonstrated exemplary leadership in guiding the company towards emerging as a powerhouse of real estate. His notable contribution to building landmark properties has played an integral role in shaping Mumbai’s skyline. One of India’s first dynamic real estate leaders to step foot in the commercial sector with the unveiling of Infiniti Malls & in the hospitality segment with illustrious projects like the Conrad, Pune & Courtyard by Marriott, Chennai. He has significantly dedicated time & resources in philanthropic initiatives that are prime sources of quality education built under the Sheila Gopal Raheja Academia umbrella. Mr. Sandeep continues to strive toward innovation, scalability, and sustainable & long-term solutions

Our Values


At the core as a real estate developer, we firmly believe transparency & honesty are cornerstones to building long-lasting relationships. With this belief, our approach to building spaces is honored by fulfilled commitments, well-timed deliveries & consistency in delivering our customers with the best value.


We regard it as true that dream homes become reality with a mindset of innovation & transformation. Whether it is pushing boundaries for enhanced creativity or making visions with infinite possibilities a fact at K Raheja Realty we thrive at redefining the standards of excellence.


We work and create an environment that fosters personal & professional development for all who are a part of the K Raheja family. The empathetic values of engagement & celebrating our people each day at K Raheja Realty are the core to our success.


Every space and process carried out at K Raheja Realty is immersed with sustainability, whether it is the operation of our value system. We seek to attain and facilitate growth that sustains & is an example of positive impact on all levels.

Our-Values About K Raheja Realty - Top Real Estate Developers - Builders in Mumbai, Pune - India