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Raheja Residency, Malad (E)

Raheja Residency Testimonial
by Annapurna Dubey
"The environment is very good, premises is very clean. The staff and employees who work here in Raheja complex work very well, they are cooperative and supportive."
Raheja Residency Testimonial
by Girish and Jyoti Sangwani
"So we have booked a flat in Raheja Residency building. And we mostly liked this property just because the spacious space, very greenery view and have huge balconies. I would like to add this one point also that they have two dry balconies which we will not get anywhere in Mumbai. So it is very difficult to find the dry balcony in Mumbai."
Raheja Residency Testimonial
by Monish Jayakar
"The entire experience of buying with Raheja Residency was awesome right from the first visit till the position. It was a seamless experience. Awesome. The area is awesome. It is as per what is what may have advertised and expressed."
Raheja Residency Testimonial
by Aaruti Ahuja
"Today we feel proud to be a part of Raheja family one of the most prestigious Society of Mumbai. We had recently purchased a flat in Raheja Residency the latest upcoming project of Raheja and we feel very nice. It's a huge spacious Flats with huge balconies so we all had really good Ambience and we really feel lucky and proud to be the part of the Raheja."
Raheja Residency Testimonial
by Akshay Sharma
"We were looking for a decent flat with a balconies and the open space and Also my kid has a great interest in swimming and all so I was looking for a flat where I have the clubs and all where they have a swimming pool and all that amenities yeah thank you thank you to K Raheja Realty."
Raheja Residency Testimonial
by Anand and Juliet
"One of the most important things we were looking for us is to be moving in easily and so K Raheja Realty had a house which was ready to move with OC received it's very difficult to find houses like these so it was an easy decision for us to just move and move with the property big thank you to K Raheja Realty and the entire team as it was a easy experience to buy a house."
Raheja Residency Testimonial
by Manish Mehta.
"Raheja Residency offered us what we were looking for—calmness in the midst of chaos, serenity in the midst of all the pollution.
Connectivity is awesome. Goregaon today is so well connected through the entire western and eastern suburbs."
Raheja Residency Testimonial
by Shweta Munshi
"The moment we stepped into the apartment, everyone in the family was pretty sure and clear - okay, this is it, we need to buy this; it's beautiful.
In this whole madness of Mumbai city, it really feels like coming back home."
Raheja Residency Testimonial
by Rajesh Chhellapan
"When I saw this flat, I was really, really impressed by the quiet, absolute greenery, and the view from the residency.
The best part is the storage; each of these washrooms is supported by excellent storage support, and the kind of people, the kind of serenity in the entire area."

Raheja Interface Heights, Malad (W)

Raheja Interface Heights Testimonial
by Mr. Pardiwala
"This is very good society, The house which we means is the House which we get here, there is no shop nothing, good Club House everything is good, This is a good society. And today, I have come here. It is very good. Discipline, all people, staff, everybody, watchman and the system."
Raheja Interface Heights Testimonial
by Mrs. Priti Supekar
"found this property, Interface Heights, which offers a huge gated community, providing the security my family needs, along with impressive infrastructure.
And there's a very pretty Clubhouse right here on this property. Staying in singular buildings and then going in for a club membership is kind of a dream."
Raheja Interface Heights Testimonial
by Mr. Milind Gandhi
"The construction is very nice, the facilities are very nice, and it's a ready-to-move-in property, very nicely built.
A very, very beautiful garden landscape . My kid loves playing there and has already made a few friends. The clubhouse is very, very nicely built with all facilities."

Raheja Classique, Andheri (W)

Raheja Classique Testimonial
Mrs. Malti Dhuliya
"There are facilities like club houses, swimming pools, tennis courts and small gardens for children. We have small gardens in every corner, like Seasore, Jhula and all these things. So beautiful, kids are happy, It's really nice, wonderful. We are very happy and lucky to have Raheja. Thank you."
Raheja Classique Testimonial
Mrs. Mili Jaju
"The pool area is beautiful; you can sit down with a cup of tea or coffee, grab your book, sit down in the morning or the evening, and it gives you a resort and a retreat kind of a getaway.
The layout of the apartment itself, the structure of the hall, the duct areas, the balconies, the size of the rooms—they are all incredible."
Raheja Classique Testimonial
Mrs. Sitara Dariyanani
"The Raheja Club gym is completely equipped, and you won't feel you're in a residential Club gym. It's a complete, relaxed, full-of-amenities club and ambiance. I'm totally content and happy here."

Raheja Gardens, Pune

Raheja Gardens Testimonial
Mrs. Aarti Devendra Bhatkar
"We were searching for flat located in Pune which connected with natures and garden, then finally we discovered Raheja Garden in Pune. This society is very nice, my Sister in law stay her since 10 years, Raheja is trust worthy and good name, so we recomended Raheja Garden, We really liked it."
Raheja Gardens Testimonial
Mr Sagar & Dhanshree
"We looked around in Western Pune, Northern Pune and there were lot of apartments some of them were 3 BHK but our 2 BHK I am happy to say is much bigger than some of those of 3 BHK offerings in the market and this is something that many prospective home buyers can look forward, So you won't go wrong with Daffodils and Raheja please go with looking forward with the new life at Raheja Gardens."
Raheja Gardens Testimonial
Mrs. Dilruba Pandey
"I walked in the front door and I saw this whole galore of beautiful coconut trees open light positivity, uh I'm a very spiritual person myself and I really felt positive vibes in this house and instantly I felt that this is the flat for me.
Vibrancy beauty Daffodils it is Raheja Gardens, thank you so much for making me a part of your wonderful township."

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