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K Raheja Realty beliefs lie in imbibing social and environmental concerns in all our business operations that are relevant to national & global standards. We believe it’s our civic duty to implement sustainable principles that are involved in community development & safe environment projects with an aim to optimize our positive social and environmental footprint on the world.

As one of India’s leading real estate developments, few of our initiatives include partnerships with government or organizations that promote sustainable developments and ethical business practices. As firm believers of equal opportunities for men and women at executive levels within our organization, our core focus remains on education, medicine, and environmental sustainability.


The core of a myriad of developments at K Raheja Realty has a lot to do with the learnings and knowledge we bring into use. We believe the betterment not just locally but globally depends upon ensuring access to quality education. Our participation in initiatives that aim to empower minds and foster growth to build some of the finest institutions is a charitable endeavor towards a better India uplifted by education.

Sheila Raheja Institute of Hotel Management, Bandra (E)

Sheila Raheja Institute of Hotel Management, a CSR arm of K Raheja Realty is an establishment that aims at transforming the quality of education in the hospitality industry. The ever-growing scope of the hospitality sector has a new connotation in the modern world and to meet & match this new age emerging industry requires an all-encompassing hospitality dedicated education center.  At K Raheja Realty we firmly believe there is no positive impact as that of an organization that educates and for an emerging sector like Hospitality, Sheila Raheja Institute of Hotel Management is a vital source for all those who would like to flourish in this industry. It offers a three Year Degree Program in Bachelor of Science (Hospitality Studies), affiliated with the University of Mumbai. Furthermore, the institute plans to introduce an array of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in hospitality that will help students delve deep into specifics and end-to-end knowledge of the industry.

Sheila Raheja School of Business Management & Research, Bandra (E)

At K Raheja Realty through our initiatives we have championed to ensure access to education that is backed by quality & is progressive in nature. Sheila Raheja School of Business Management & Research is a dream to build a strong, resilient & an informed future of the country. This CSR arm of K Raheja Realty is an initiation of an exceptional B-School affiliated to the University of Mumbai. Located in the heart of Mumbai’s suburbs, Bandra. The ideology behind this institution is “Forwarding education for everyone with a passion to learn” as quoted by the founder, accredited by NAAC in 2019 it aims at imparting value-based quality Business Management Education in line with contemporary needs to deliver an enriching learning experience to the students, backed by a qualified faculty. The Institute prides itself in offering a vibrant campus life, weaving in more than a fair measure of fun, freedom and fervor to shape successful careers.

L. S. Raheja School of Art, Worli

One of Mumbai’s pre-eminent design school’s, highly-ranked for its study in Visual & communication Design, Photography, Fashion Technology and Craft Teacher Certificate program. This 25 years old leading legacy is a beaming streak for all those creative fanatics who are drawn towards the visual world and are expressive & engaging in nature. L.S. Raheja School of Art is a guiding light that exposes you to the power of art and teaches you how to channel it. A symbol of modern learning that gives brilliant minds an ideal space to explode while instilling methods of understanding creativity and the design process as per industry needs.

L.S. Raheja School of Architecture, Bandra (E)

L.S. Raheja School of Architecture, one of Mumbai’s elite architectural institutions and a CSR arm of K Raheja Realty is an esteemed institute started by the parent trust “Bombay Suburban Art & Craft Education Society”. Known for its value-based quality of education in the field of architecture it offers a 5 years full time course in Government Diploma of Architecture. Recognized by the Directorate of Technical Education, Maharashtra in 1953 and the Council of Architecture (constituted under the act of parliament 1973) later got an affiliation from the University of Mumbai in 2007. Backed by a young, dynamic & dedicated faculty L.S. Raheja School of Architecture has been recognized time and again for its merits & victories among institutions at all India level.

S.L.RAHEJA HOSPITAL-FORTIS -MAHIM Corporate Social Responsibility | CSR Activities by K Raheja Realty


The healthcare initiatives and effort of K Rahega Realty group is widespread- S.L. Raheja Hospital- a Fortis Associate, is a 150-bed hospital located in Mumbai and one of our charitable endeavors that constantly focuses on improving health care in the country and at the same time emphasizes on evolving with health care needs of individuals. At K Raheja Realty we understand the concerns of increasing health care needs in the country and the limited access to healthcare especially in the marginalized communities. S.L. Raheja is a healthcare initiative that fills the gap between individuals & quality healthcare by ensuring its easy access.


Since the origination of K Raheja Realty, we have embedded sustainability in the core of every project, every development, and every space created by us. With a mindset that thinks green, we thoroughly understand and assimilate our responsibilities towards the people and the planet.

Whether it is residential spaces or commercials, outdoor spaces are as essential as are the interiors. Every individual or family is on the lookout for spaces that are graced by nature and sustainability. Parks & Gardens are vital natural resources that promote improved quality of life. Sheila Raheja Udyan & the Wadia Garden Landscape are two initiatives of the K Raheja Realty group wherein we’ve used native plants, organic compost, and recycling bins to promote sustainability.

SHEILA RAHEJA UDYAN Corporate Social Responsibility | CSR Activities by K Raheja RealtyMALAD(E)


WADIA GARDEN PUNE WADIA GARDEN PUNE SHEILA RAHEJA UDYAN Corporate Social Responsibility | CSR Activities by K Raheja Realty


Sustainability is an integral part of any initiative or project that the K Raheja Realty group takes up. Water being an essential resource that must be utilized and optimized in a sustainable manner, we ensure the same by harnessing a multidisciplinary approach to optimize water utilization recycling. STP systems built by the K Raheja Realty group are an outcome of the latest and most innovative technologies that are constantly surveillance to improve environmental indicators from the sewage treatment plants.

Water being a scarce resource, K Raheja Realty innovates & integrates sustainable solutions that marginally minimizes the demand of water supply. With the incorporation of rainwater harvesting systems in our properties, we have incrementally lowered the usage of the main water supply leading to a significant reduction in local supply problems & energy usage for water treatment and transportation.

Sustainability being the core of K Raheja Realty’s values, we constantly work towards innovating and participating in initiatives that promise a sustainable future. Conrad, Pune, a prestigious venture of the K Raheja Realty Group is proud to share its landmark initiative of installing a first in the city in-house water bottling plant on our premises. The initiative is an endeavor that pivots on the reduction of carbon footprints & elimination of single-use plastic bottles.

The Conrad, Pune is an eminent and exemplary venture of the K Raheja Realty group that proudly supports sourcing & supporting local and clean. Besides sourcing all the vegetables used in the restaurants from local farmers Conrad, Pune has its own in-house produce using selected food waste & organic compost from the hotel.

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