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Real Estate – An aspirational investment in recent times

Real Estate – An aspirational investment in recent times

February 04, 2022

Do you know that real estate has long been the most popular investment choice worldwide – and that it is currently becoming more popular than other major investment options? Real estate came out on top of gold, equities, mutual funds, savings accounts/CDs, and bonds as the most significant long-term investment.

It's the same in India, where the emotional fulfillment of owning a home is essentially high. And the good news is that analysts believe the Indian real estate market has already begun to revive after hitting rock bottom in recent quarters.

Below are five reasons why experts believe that real estate is not only your safest – but also best long-term investment option.

Investing in Real Estate Is the Safest Option Globally

Real estate is regarded as one of the safest investment options in the world. India is the second-largest employer after agriculture and is slated to grow at 30% over the next decade. So, despite any short-term losses, it remains the safest investment option — and will continue to increase over time.

Real Estate Is Almost Risk-Free Compared to Stocks

Stocks, in comparison to real estate, are hazardous. Stock and derivatives trading is a high-risk game. Making money with equities and leverage trades is a highly specialized field requiring exceptional expertise.

Anyone Can Invest in Real Estate

Investing in real estate does not require any special skills – even a first-timer can do it. It is safer, but it will also most likely fetch you better returns in the long run – aside from providing you with a solid roof over your head for generations to come.

Real Estate Yields Fabulous Returns in the Long Term

Real estate has probably produced more millionaires and billionaires than any other sector. Furthermore, populations are increasing, yet land is scarce. As a result, demand will continue to rise, and real estate will provide excellent long-term profits.

Be assured of regular rental income.

One of the most significant advantages of homeownership is the virtually guaranteed rental income. Unlike stocks, once you buy a house, you are not subject to fluctuating market forces that might erode your net worth overnight. Owning a property guarantees you a steady and predictable monthly income that will rise in tandem with the value of your home over time.

K. Raheja Realty has established a name synonymous with trust and quality. standing tall with a legacy of 65 glorious years of excellence, inspiration, and passion. We have been dotting the skyline of Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Bangalore, and Coimbatore with iconic landmarks that stand the test of time. We are committed to fulfilling the dreams of our residents by creating supreme lifestyles and modern living experiences. K Raheja Realty, a renowned developer in Mumbai & Pune, has successfully ventured into industries ranging from housing to hospitality and retail, with a richly diversified portfolio in urban developments.

India is now becoming the preferred investment destination for real estate developers. Mumbai being the country's financial capital, most home buyers tend to buy their homes in Mumbai. K. Raheja Realty is one of the best residential and commercial projects developers across metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Bangalore, and Coimbatore.

Buy your first, ready-to-move-in home with K. Raheja Realtyin:

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Where you can experience luxury for a lifetime and enjoy the pride of owning your home.

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