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Why Andheri West is the best location for residential investment?

Why Andheri West is the best location for residential investment?

August 16, 2022

To be leading a happy and sustainable life in today's day & time is a culmination of not one but plenty of factors each with their own significance. As you walk through life, the importance of a home that exudes safety & peace in the ultra-modern & cosmopolitan city of Mumbai only grows.

When we imagine a perfect world with the house of our dreams it's not just the interiors that do the trick but the exterior too. Andheri West, one of Mumbai's most popular & loved suburban areas possibly tops the list when it comes to spotting a sought-after residential destination, at the time this location is without a doubt the best residential investment one can make in Mumbai. It's become the highlight of all those looking for their perfect abodes in Mumbai for all the right reasons, whether it is the magnificent infrastructure, progressive communities, or incredible connectivity to commercial errands, Andheri West in the category of residential properties ticks literally all the boxes that makes it exclusively THE BEST. This up-scale location houses some of the poshest residential apartments, Raheja Classique being one of the prime examples.

Investing in residential apartments/flats whether it's a 2 BHK, 3 BHK or 4 BHK Flat in Andheri West is not a mere investment but also promises great returns in the long run. In a city like Mumbai that comes with endless options of residential properties with one better than the other how does Andheri West stand out & why should families, couples or even for that matter individuals stick to choosing Andheri West as their landmark address?

Here's WHY?


Andheri West is literally the heart of Mumbai and the range of connectivity that it offers is much greater than even the most affluent areas of Mumbai. The existence of metro rail and the close proximity to Western & Eastern express highways, make you feel like the city is much closer and in touch with the residents of Andheri West helping you reach any and every location of Mumbai with utter ease. Some other eminent roads that are in close proximity to Andheri West are Jogeshwari-Vikhroli Link Road (JVLR), Swami Vivekanand Road, and Jai Prakash Road. The International Airport as well falls in close proximity to this location in addition to other landmarks.

Raheja Classique of K Raheja Realty is situated in the center of Andheri West ensuring the experience of the exceptional connectivity this location is capable of providing besides the numerous luxuries it offers with its 3 BHK and 4 BHK flats in Andheri West.


If you've visited Andheri West even once we are sure its attractive infrastructure must have left a snapshot in your memory. Besides the aesthetic quotient & the stylish layouts of the buildings, Andheri West harbors a number of reputed Healthcare facilities, Educational institutions, Retail sectors, Entertainment zones, and Fine-dine restaurants, basically the best in the hospitality sector.


Investment is a phenomenon the results/returns of which cannot be ascertained at once. Investing in a residential property in Andheri West helps you reap the fruits of your investment almost on a daily basis. From the presence of a strong connection to commercial activities, living in a progressive community that helps you stand at the forefront of growth & empowerment to fostering a life for yourself and your family under some of the best facilities & institutions, unknowingly or knowingly we are building a strong & sustainable future for the younger generation and the ones to come by investing in a home situated in Andheri West.

Additionally, the developments in Andheri West are unstoppable and in the time to come the demand for residential properties is going to increase exponentially and so are the prices giving you high returns on your investment.


Andheri West is a residential location that covers almost all aspects of what it takes to provide superlative quality of life. Raheja Classique is one residential property in the location that is central to all the amenities and efforts in delivering the same. The luxurious apartments brilliantly capture the urban vibe and lifestyle while focusing on your overall well-being granting you peace, with an extravagant living experience complemented with first-class amenities.

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