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RTMI home offers double benefits: Timely delivery & possession security

RTMI home offers double benefits: Timely delivery & possession security

January 25, 2022

Owning a home has always been one of the most ardent desires in a person's life. The pandemic has drastically altered people's perceptions of owning a home. Those who already own a home are looking to upgrade, with work from home (WFH) becoming the norm today. It has also developed a passion for doing new things. This urges an individual to have personal and professional spaces today. Due to many new launches of residential projects in the city offering RTMI homes, most home buyers are looking forward to it. Almost 70% of home buyers prefer owning RTMI homes, while the ratio has reached 65:35.

Deciding where you live your life during the day and rest your head in the night is a daunting task. Not just buying a home is enough, but buying a home in the best location also matters. A place where everything is near offers luxury for a lifetime and is a world in itself, which is very difficult to find! K Raheja Realty offers homes very close to corporate hubs, medical facilities, and spaces for every purpose with open arms! In Ready-To-Move-In homes, you are delivered what you see.

Significant benefits you get in RTMI homes such as free from GST implications, saving on rent, moving in immediately, and having exclusive amenities such as pools, gyms, convenience stores, laundry facilities, walking areas, security, and more. Plus, it is excellent if you want to experience the city's nightlife from just a short distance from your home. One can check the quality of construction and RTMI homes are simple to resell.

Know why you should get your RTMI homes with K Raheja Realty which lies in the heart of metropolitan cities such as Mumbai and Pune.

Immediate gratification

When you buy a ready-to-move-in house, you can begin living there the next day. The sensation of immediate gratification can be extremely satisfying.

It is the hub of connectivity and convenience

Malad is the next rising location in Mumbai. Conveniently located between Andheri West and Goregaon West, this neighborhood has been planned to provide the best mixed-use development. Whereas, Wanwadi in Pune is safe and well connected with other parts of the city.

Key to appreciation and luxury

Best in class social infrastructure with schools, colleges, hospitals, and other conveniences within 2-3 km. Mixed-use land with Residential, Commercial, Retail & Entertainment where one can shop, explore and play!

Avoid unnecessary stress

Purchasing a home is one of the most major things you will do. And, if done correctly, you can avoid a lot of stress. Purchasing a ready-to-move-in home gives more control over the purchasing process because you know exactly what you are getting into and there's transparency too.

Why K Raheja Realty?

Our RTMI housing projects feature exceptional design, cutting-edge technology, and first-rate amenities.

K Raheja Realty offers a life filled with comforts, where luxurious and spacious residences are in Mumbai and Pune's premium and promising townships. A cosmopolitan lifestyle at its best awaits you!

K Raheja Realty has established a name that's synonymous with trust and quality; standing tall with a legacy of 65 glorious years of excellence, inspiration, and passion. We have been dotting the skyline of Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Bangalore, and Coimbatore with iconic landmarks that stand the test of time. K Raheja Realty has successfully ventured into industries ranging from housing to hospitality and retail, with a richly diversified portfolio in urban developments.

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