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Interface IT Park, Malad West: The ideal hub for commercial investments

Interface IT Park, Malad West: The ideal hub for commercial investments

September 21, 2022

Investing in commercial property differs widely from investments in residential properties. Investments in commercial property have a lot more focus on higher financial rewards and location. Considering the suitable locations elevate the chances of bringing in more opportunities leading to success & growth.

Mumbai, being India's commercial capital, lures investors from across the globe to make an investment in the city and in locations that have the power to reap the highest of benefits for them. The city has a few great options in terms of areas & properties that are witnessing steady growth and delivering soaring benefits on commercial investments. A few names that have been making it to the top recently are Interface IT Park & Infinity- IT Building in Malad.



A common notion regarding commercial investments, especially in a city like Mumbai, is that you can only get hands-on suitable office spaces in terms of aesthetics & financial growth if you are a prominent investor or a businessman. Interface IT Park, Malad West, is a new face of Mumbai's commercial properties, developed by the K. Raheja Realty group. This property is set in the perfect location that promises financial growth and its brilliantly planned office interior and exterior is a one-of-a-kind addition your productivity can thrive on.


Expecting to find an open space while you search for the ideal commercial property is usually never on investors' minds considering the layout of Mumbai's well-known commercial properties. The offices are usually small and priced highly. On the other hand, Interface IT Park is located in the beautiful locality of Off link road, Malad West, with a lot of open spaces. Even though Malad West has recently seen marvel developments in its areas, it is still widely less chaotic than other locations of Mumbai. Besides the locality, the office space of Interface IT Park is set on 4.7 million square feet of space and is deemed as one of the most iconic commercial towers.


Demand is a massive aspect of commercial investment, and location is one of the prime factors that drive greater demand. The value of your property and the rate of return or the financial rewards it reaps on your investment are highly connected to the choice of location. Malad has been rising high in demand ever since its major developments like the Interface- IT Park & Infinity- IT Building. These well-connected projects have high accessibility and increased footfalls because of their perfect location. The social infrastructure and connectivity of Malad West & Malad East create high possibilities for increased eyeballs on the property, driving a large number of opportunities for your investment.


What keeps a commercial space or office space relevant in the long run has a lot to do with its architecture, the interiors and exteriors, the amenities & facilities it upholds and its close connection with technology. Interface IT Park is developed by one of India's most experienced real estate developers- the K. Raheja Realty Group. Backed by an experience of over 66 years, K. Raheja Realty is known for its reputation for creating creative & growth-centric commercial spaces. The environmentally conscious building of Interface IT Park with amenities like colossal parking spaces, advanced security systems, electric lifts and more makes the property an even great subject of investment.


One of the first things to check for before making any kind of investment, be it commercial or residential, is the background check of a property. In cases of commercial investment, one always has a better chance of finding out the background of a property by understanding the brands or companies it has been sheltering in the past, the returns on investments it has been giving in the past and the experience of homing a brand/company into that space. Interface IT Park is home to some of the most renowned MNC brands from multiple industries like IT/ITES, Banking, Financial Services, Media, Entertainment, Leisure & Insurance have seen tremendous growth and opportunities coming their way right under the roof of Interface IT Park. Some leading names that have flourished under Interface IT Park are Sony Pictures, ICICI Prudential, Airtel, Emirates, SS&C GlobeOp and many more.

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