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Benefits of homes with lifestyle amenities within the complex

Benefits of homes with lifestyle amenities within the complex

March 02, 2023

In today's fast-paced, dynamic and competitive world, everybody is struggling hard to hit the pinnacle of success. When you're chasing dreams, you sometimes neglect to take care of your well-being. However, you need to stay safe and healthy to keep going forward with your fast-paced life. Living an active lifestyle, rather than a wellness lifestyle is something that today's homebuyers aspire for and want to be involved in. Having a residence that lets you live a wellness lifestyle is a dream come true for whoever has it. According to the Global Wellness Institute, a wellness lifestyle in real estate connotes homes and buildings that are proactively built to enhance the holistic health of their inhabitants.

The no-time to think hectic schedules, the stressed out work state, and the no-place-to-escape traffic lead to a totally busy and chaotic life. And in the midst of this, people want an escape, especially the young, now-generation in a clubhouse or a pool, or even a gym to unwind. While looking out for exquisite apartments for sale in the city or new projects, the factor that most buyers look for is the luxury lifestyle amenities. They seek out projects that offer the best-curated luxury lifestyle amenities within their residential complexes. Homes with more open spaces, green spaces, a modern club house with more luxury lifestyle amenities, more luxuries, etc. They look out for a gated community that can accommodate all ages of people within it. Because lifestyle amenities aren't luxury anymore, they are stress-busters in the busy city life. And that is why there is a huge demand for good gated communities with luxury lifestyle amenities, like the ones being developed by the best real estate developers in India, K Raheja Realty.

Gated communities are preferred not just for their security but also because they are almost self-sustained. In this age of consumerism and dual-income families, owning your own cozy, elegant flats is also easy. Home loans with reasonable interest rates take care of the financial aspect and the plethora of available home options that suit every pocket and need makes buying your elegant flats the perfect choice for dwelling.


Convenience: Having luxury lifestyle amenities like a clubhouse, swimming pool, fitness centers, and tennis courts that are easily accessible within the residential complex, eliminates the need to travel to a separate location to access these facilities. This saves a lot of time and effort.

Develops a sense of Community: Having luxury lifestyle amenities within the residential complex foster a sense of community amongst the residents, as they can interact and socialize while using these facilities.

Promotes Health and Well-being: Luxury lifestyle amenities like a swimming pool and fitness centers within the residential complex provide easy opportunities for physical activities and recreation, which promotes the overall health and well-being of the residents.

Security: Most gated communities with luxury lifestyle amenities have additional security measures for the safety and security of their residents while using these facilities.

Relaxation: Luxury lifestyle amenities like spas, lush gardens, and meditation rooms can provide space to relax and unwind after a long day.

Enhances Property Value: Homes in good gated communities with access to luxury lifestyle amenities are more desirable to potential buyers or renters and therefore tend to have a higher value in the market. A prime location and premium luxury lifestyle amenities always give a better appreciation for your investments.

Area Develops Faster: The gated communities and residential complexes, with a large number of households, attract more businesses to be set up nearby and within the vicinity, thereby resulting in faster development of the area.

Dedicated Maintenance Team: Apartments in gated communities have a dedicated maintenance team and because of the pooled resources, the cost of services reduces drastically. Residents don't have to worry about the wear and tear by the weather forces; everything is taken care of by the maintenance team.

Better Marketability: Due to proper maintenance, the resale value of the apartments is also high and you have a wider base, therefore selling and buying an apartment in a gated community is a much quicker proposition. Renting apartments is also quite the norm nowadays as you just have to pay rent and enjoy the various benefits just like permanent residents. So proper maintenance results in better marketability of your flat, either while selling or while renting.

Less Prone to Frauds: Property experts advise investing in a gated community or large residential complex because they are less prone to cheating and fraud.

Easier to get Bank Loan: It is easier to get a loan for an apartment in a large gated community or a residential complex than an independent property as banks often prepare a list of sanctioned projects where a buyer can easily get the loan approved.

Amenities Common in most good gated communities

Club House: Of all the amenities that constitute a residential complex, the most important one is the clubhouse. In most gated communities, the clubhouse is a mandatory element these days, and is not just a sign of luxury. A clubhouse is in fact the hub of all recreational activities under one roof.

Clubhouses are a great way to socialize as it provides a common area to gather and engage in activities, and it often brings people together. Moreover, you can party in a private space of your own without even going out of the gated community where you live. With many game zones included inside the clubhouse, it offers great areas to spend the weekend hours.

Clubhouses are ideal for fitness freaks as they fit in the well-equipped gym, meditation, and yoga zones within the residential complex helping you remain healthy and fit in spite of the paucity of time in the hustle-bustle of the city life.

Usually, there will be large open areas in a clubhouse that can use for gatherings and various social events. Clubhouses in gated community are the safe zones for the kids as there is special children's area where they can be sent while the parents engage in recreational activities. A clubhouse fosters and encourages community living. It is a place for the kids to meet their age mates, the elders to meet and chat, the old people to get along with, and much more. Most importantly a clubhouse unravels to the world the exclusivity of your luxurious, elitist lifestyle.

Swimming Pool: Having an in-house swimming pool offers ultimate privacy, as it is used by residents only. Moreover, it can be used at your convenience, and without traveling outside your complex.

Children's Play Area: Your kids have their secure play area with a horde of special playing equipment. Here your kids will realize what real fun is because playing outdoors is an altogether different ball game and can never be compared or compensated by gaming consoles.

Walking Trail / Jogging Track: As the job leaves no time for any other recreation, taking a stroll out in the walking area would be the only relief for most city dwellers. Having a lush garden area would make this even more pleasant. This would be particularly useful for those families moving in with the family's senior members.

Sky Garden: Most modern high-rise towers also offer a Sky Garden. It is a carpet of green designed to invigorate your senses set against the sky and surrounded by breathtaking views of the lush natural environs. Here you will most definitely forget the stress and feel rejuvenated. There may also be a tranquil senior citizen corner that gives our elders a space of their own.


While luxury lifestyle amenities are not mandatory in a gated community or large residential complex, these are great ways to improve the overall quality of living offered to the residents. This makes life a whole lot simpler and more convenient. Living in an exquisite apartment in a large gated community or residential complex is hassle-free and comes with numerous benefits including enjoying a modern and carefree lifestyle. Living in a large residential complex lends a strong support system in case of any legal dispute in the future. The positive advantages of living in a large gated community make it the perfect choice for a family to fulfill its dreams of owning an exquisite apartment with no worries. Moreover, in most large gated communities, apartments are available for every family size, with unique specifications and budget; additionally with today's urban luxury lifestyle amenities.

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